EMC Engineering · Marketing · Consulting GmbH, as a service company, provide comprehensive consulting in the area of high-intelligence, innovative technologies in the crane and special machine industries, especially in the field of mobile cranes.
We are addressing companies worldwide who want to modernise and optimise their range of products or their product and supply management.


Increasing the competitiveness of our customers by development and implementation of new technologies - based on an integral approach and a long-term partnership

Development adapted to the national feasibilities
<-> finance <-> technology

Enthusiasm and motivation to new thinking for effective implementation of innovations

In addition to the execution of purely development and construction related tasks at the highest technological level, EMC GmbH also offer an innovative, integral consulting approach.
Keep it simple and highly professional !

Our aim is to develop technologies that suit both market and customers and that contribute to the further development of
our customers towards being highly professional competitors
in both their national and international environments.

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