Project Phases
Analysis of current situation

Definition of starting point
Finding out the aims and wishes of the customer
Creating a strengths and weaknesses profile
Technology Strategy

Determination of the strategic operations in the fields of construction/production/supply/marketing – together with the customer, focussing in particular on the following:
   -  strategic customer aims
   -  market requirements
   -  technical innovation requirements and necessities
   -  the customer's financial capacities
   -  technological strengths of the customer's divisions that are linked to
   -  the customer's existing personnel resources
   -  the complexity of implementing the production process

The final decision on preconditions for preparing the offer

If an order is placed in the fields of construction, production or supply management, consulting costs for phases I and II will be included.
Specific Offer

The preparation of a detailed offer on the basis of the knowledge
obtained in phases I and II.

The contract will contain all the details of the order modules and cement
the partnership cooperation.

Execution of the individual engineering/marketing/consulting tasks
as stipulated in the offer/contract.
Continuous feedback and coordination with the customer
Consultation on location if desired and agreed on
Concluding Measures

 Submission of all necessary documentation
 Conclusion of the contract in the form of a final meeting on location